Joanna Economou began her journey after she graduated from her bachelor's degree in England, where she studied Fashion Design specialising in Women's wear. Her initial experience within the industry was at Kika Ioannidou design atelier, where she was given the chance to explore the art of fitting and detail orientations. Searching for a bigger challenge she had moved to Portugal, London, and found herself in America, mastering her craft. 

She was able to collect experiences; from Susana Bettencourt and the well-known Mary Katrantzou as a design intern, and later on, as a Print / Designer for Li & Fung in the United States. Finally coming back from the states, she relocated to Cyprus where she worked both for Kika Ioannidou as a Design / Production designer and for Charis Studio as a Print Designer.

After exploring the fashion industry gathering every piece of information that she could find, Joanna decided it was her time to challenge the industry with her own craft. By expressing her passion through elegant silhouettes and colourful prints leading to her first Resort line in the spring of 2022.

The collection itself emphasises colour and prints, which is what defined Joanna Economou as a designer. All the designs are deeply rooted in the moral values of the designer; as she strongly believes that "teamwork is one of the most important ethics when it comes to a brand that challenges the paradigm. Moreover, I always aim on working closely with the production team to create the final outcome, at the same time embracing the difficulties of creating something from scratch - growing organically and sustainably is what inspires me."


For her, it is all about the 'art of making'; being able to express your creativity and share it with the world.